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Mountain biking or MTB has observed growing popularity ever since it was first introduced as a competitive sporting event in the 1970s. Today, there are many different types of MTB disciplines, each with their own set of dedicated annual competitions held at national and international levels.

At Labresse MTB World, you can find all information pertinent to the competitive world of MTB so that others, like us who are passionate about the sport can keep abreast with the latest competitions around the globe.

For beginners, Labresse MTB World has a host of information regarding different types of disciplines, bikes, gear and much more. From general rules to the best practices and trends, and other helpful resources on the internet on the subject, there is a lot we can learn from sharing the knowledge.

MTB is one of the most exciting sports out there and we are thrilled to share all that we learn about it with our viewers and subscribers.  

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