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Dirt Jumping

Riding over large mounds of dirt with the aim to get some extended air time is what dirt jumping is all about. Tail whips, superman and x-bombs are some of the tricks that dirt jump pros pull off on a regular basis.

Bikes for dirt jumping are essentially a cross between the average BMX and freeride variant. These bikes are specifically designed for aerial maneuvers and therefore lack any rear suspension. The frame is built sturdy to withstand jumps and landings from tall heights. So, there is very little emphasis on pedal time and more focus on air time.

Dirt jumps are carried out on dirt parks which have steep mounds all around. Each rider then goes about performing as many stunts as possible in a given time frame and points are awarded on technicality, creativity and how well the features have been exploited. Slope style is a form of dirt jump where riders take on crazy heights to perform daredevil jumps and tricks.

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