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Downhill MTB Discipline

Downhill or DH involves getting to the top and then riding down the slope with speed, and involves lots of air time and jumps. It requires immense focus and control from a rider as he or she speeds ‘downhill’ in the least possible time.

Thus, downhill bikes sport a burly frame with dual suspensions. Furthermore, the suspension travel in the front can range from 170 – 250mm in the rear whereas the front suspensions generally have a travel of 180 – 200mm. 

Another feature common to these bikes is their very low centre of gravity that lets the rider perform steep cornering and descent maneuvers with confidence.

Downhill races are essentially time-trials, where all competitors start from the top of a hill at half-a-minute intervals from one another. The objective is to race down to the bottom in the quickest time possible, where completed time differences can be less than a second.

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