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Where uphill is endured and downhill is time-trialed

Enduro Mountain Biking

Originally what ‘mountain biking’ was meant to offer, Enduro or all-mountain discipline constitutes the wide range of obstacles and gradients experienced when traversing through a natural mountainous terrain. So, expect lots of action-packed riding where jumps and drops are a common feature if it is Enduro that interests you.

Keeping the above in mind, ‘Enduro’ bikes come with slightly more suspension travel than their trail counterparts (140 – 170 mm). Bicycle geometry too features aspects like low bottom bracket and wheelbase with longer reach, all of which favor safer descends than climbs. Aggressive knobs are a common feature for all-mountain tires so as to offer better traction and cornering attributes during steep falls.

Enduro competitions are generally 1-2 day affairs but there exist special tournaments that can last an entire week. A single-day enduro race typically consists of 3-5 time-trial, stages that take place on descending terrain that are technically demanding. In some cases, there are special ‘climb’ stages that act as a liaison between two descents.

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