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Freeride MTB Discipline

Freeride is a ‘do anything’ MTB discipline, where the prime is on performing as many trick moves, jumps and balancing acts on the many different man-made or natural obstacles that come in the way. It is a mixture of cross-country, DH and dirt-jumping.

Freeride bikes borrow most of the characteristics of a DH bike except in the makeup of the bike’s body. In other words, freeride mountain bicycles are more about strength of the frame than its lightness. 

The design of the frame makes these bikes more attuned to maneuvering around objects and maintain balance on skinny planks. Freeriding is a discipline that caters more to the enthusiasts, a trend seen since 2011.

Generally held in ‘bike parks’ free ride events are points based, where each rider is judged on his/her style, tricks and last but not least the ability to maneuver around the trail while making use of as many features to show off his/her technical skills.

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