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MTB Categories

Be it a competition, solo event or personal recreation, mountain biking can performed on a variety of terrains, each throwing its own set of challenges for participants. Most major MTB events can be broadly classified into five categories, which in turn defines the type of mountain bike, gear, and training required in each case.

Note that each category, while drawing from the other, has gone through its stages of evolution to stand as a discipline on its own. 

Cross Country

One of the more common MTB disciplines, cross-country does not involve many obstacles but it does require high endurance from a rider to successfully traverse the varying uphill and downhill terrains spread across long distances.

Olympics Cross Country


Originally what ‘mountain biking’ was meant to offer, Enduro or all-mountain discipline constitutes the wide range of obstacles and gradients experienced when traversing through a natural mountainous terrain. So, expect lots of action-packed riding.


Downhill or DH involves getting to the top and then riding down the slope with speed, and involves lots of air time and jumps. It requires immense focus and control from a rider as he or she has to speed ‘down the hill in the least possible time. Very technically demanding during cornering.


Freeride is a ‘do anything’ MTB discipline, where the prime is on performing as many trick moves, jumps and balancing acts on the many different man-made or natural obstacles that come in the way. It is a mixture of cross-country, DH and dirt-jumping.

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Dirt Jumping

Riding over large mounds of dirt with the aim to get some extended air time is what dirt jumping is all about. Tail whips, superman and x-bombs are some of the tricks that dirt jump pros pull off on a regular basis in a single pass. Always fun to watch.

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